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AirCell Tandem - Sequenced Compressors

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AirCell Tandem

Operating Principles

Rotary air compressors usually run continuously, even in "Auto" mode, resulting in offload power consumption. Unloaded power consumption and running hours are wasted due to the required "run-on" time inherent in rotary compressor operation. The AirCell Tandem eliminates this waste. The Tandem units sequentially shut down as the plant air demand is reduced, without any "run-on" time, thereby matching power load with demand; The AirCell Tandem offers energy efficiencies normally associated with variable speed drives, yet retains the simplicity, reliability, and economy typical of high quality reciprocating compressors.

The Tandem, supplied as an AirCell package or installed into your facility, maintains maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Ideal for fluctuating air demands, Tandem units range from 25 to 150 horsepower, and are supplied with a sequential "fail-safe" controller to ensure that clean dry compressed air is delivered as reliably and efficiently as possible.

Tandem units eliminate the need of a "full-size" back-up unit and maintenance is simple and inexpensive; typically a fraction of the cost associated with a single rotary system. Tandem systems are ideal for plants with less than ideal atmospheric conditions.

Install your AirCell Tandem compressor system in our customized AirCell compressor containers to maximize efficiency and life expectency.

Features and Benefits

Features Attributes Benefits
Electronic Sequencer This is the brain of the Tandem compressor system. It spreads the air demand across only the units required. The sequencer also rotates the lead unit, so each pump minimizes running hours. Reduce power consumption by up to 60%.
Completely eliminates need for back up units.
Add units only as needed.
Reduce maintenance costs by up to 80%.
Stackable Construction AirCell Tandem units can be placed on top of each other. Saves expensive floor space.
Intake Silencer Wide body intake silencer allows for full flow of air while reducing operating noise. Provides a quiet working environment for employees.
Champion Pumps Traditional and proven design.
Manufactured locally.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

Acoustic Enclosure (Optional) Rated at 72 dba @ 1 meter. Reduced noise for employees.
Low Oil Level Switch Shuts down unit(s) when oil levels are not adequate. Also prevents unit from restarting until levels are topped up. Precents equipment failure dut to low oil level. Extends life of equipment.
Low Oil Pressure Switch Shuts down unit(s) if oil pressure is not sufficient. Prevents equipment failure due to low oil pressure. Extends life of equipment.
High Temperature Switch Shuts down unit(s) if it starts to operate above normal running termperature. Prevents failure of equipment due to high temperature.

Environmental Solutions

Eliminate waste and contamination

Excessive oil contamination in condensate is a major concern of every environmentally conscious corporation. Expensive and unreliable separator elements are not required with the AirCell Tandem, meaning the lubricating oil remains where it belongs; inside your air compressor. All AirCell products are available with food grade lubricant.

Reduce power consumption

AirCell Tandem compressor sets instantly react to fluctuations in the compressed air demand, and systematically shut down with flow reduction. While a typical 150 hp rotary air compressor will continue to draw a minimum of 40 to 60 amps while unloaded, a SixPlex AirCell Tandem will stage down to more closely match air output with power input, eliminating unnecessary power consumption and operating hours.

To find out if your AirCell Tandem will qualify for the EcoEnergy program click here


Maintenance Costs

Annual maintenance costs are a fraction of the expense of rotary compressors, while running hours and power consumption costs are drastically reduced in facilities where the air demand fluctuates. A "no charge" data logging from Comtract Inc. will accurately determine attainable and tangible savings.
100hp rotary screw annual costs: >$10,000
Six-Plex Tandem AirCell annual costs: $2,697

Electrical Consumption

100hp rotary screw annual costs: >$50,000
SixPlex Tandem AirCell annual costs: $11,000

National Silicates Savings
National Silicates Testimonial

<--- Click the image to read the entire review!

The necessity of an uninterrupted supply of compressed air demands a reliable back-up during downtime for maintenance and service. The AirCell Tandem system incorporates an integral back-up compressor, eliminating the need for a full-sized duplicate rotary compressor.

For example, National Silicates requires a 100 hp compressor for regular daytime operation, with an occasional demand slightly higher than the available supply from one unit. The demand is minimal during off peak hours. The original system incorporated two, one hundred hp compressors, both operating inefficiently for 24 hours per day. This demand left them with no reliable back-up in the event of failure, consumed excessive power and maximized maintenance and breakdown costs.

The installation of a SixPlex AirCell Tandem not only reduced overall costs and increased efficiency (see savings section), but also eliminated the need for a back-up compressor. Service and maintenance are now scheduled during regular business hours and a rental unit is no longer required. Most importantly, downtime is never an issue!

Customization Options

Compressor Accessories Other Options
Up to 150hp (6 x 25hp units) Dessicant Air Dryer(s) Intake Silencers
Pressure Lubricated Refrigirant Air Dryer(s) Sound Incapsulated Cabinet
Splash Lubricated Receiver Tank(s) Stackable frames
Synthetic Oil Oil/Water Separator(s)
Mineral Oil Remote Start-up
Food Grade Oil Remote Monitoring

Technical Data

Motor 25hp
Voltage 575/3/60 230/460/3/60 380/3/50
125 Psi Rating RPM - 890 CFM Displacement - 127.8 CFM Delv - 102.1
175 Psi Rating RPM - 770 CFM Displacement - 109.4 CFM Deliv - 90.1
Weight 1040 lbs
Container empty weight 5,015 lbs